onsdag 26 juni 2013

Nästa bok.

Den närmaste tiden kommer det att vara stor fokus på mina kommande engelska böcker. Först ut är "Angel in chains" som jag arbetar på just nu. Snart kommer det första utkastet att vara färdigt, men ni kan redan nu få provläsa prologen! Observera att prologen kan komma att ändras lite då den ännu inte genomgått någon större redigering. 



The screams of anger and frustration from inside the cave sounded like music in the warlocks ears. He smiled viciously when he realized that he had won. Nothing could stop him now.
“How long is he going to be in there?” One of his men asked.
He looked at the young warlock before he turned his gaze to the other one who stood silently next to him. They were amateurs and had still a lot to learn, but he knew they would one day make him proud. They had already made him proud. Helping him imprisoning this creature had given them a higher rank in his coven.  
“For as long as I desire to live,” he answered. 

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